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GOPAK Ultralight Stage Pack D

  • Lightweight yet incredibly strong

  • Choice of carpet or vinyl

  • Tested to 100kg per square metre for even load conditions

  • It couldn't be simpler

  • To simplify the purchasing process, we have put together four Ultralight Staging Packages. Each package includes one set of steps. We have provided illustrations to enable you to visualise the stage layout though you can move the components around to suit your own requirements. For instance Package D is shown as a stage 6m wide x 3m deep but you can also configure this to be 2m wide x 9m deep or 1m x 18m deep (great for catwalks).

    All Ultralight Staging Packages come with clamps to secure the steps and a 5mm Allen key to fix the stage decks to the risers. Give your stage a professional finish with the addition of valance which clips around three sides of the stage and steps.
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